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Deluxe Raw Bird's Nest are large, thick, hammock-shaped and fiber-rich bird's nest with base and abdomen intacted and selected with the ratio 20 to 1. These raw nests are then manually treated with a thorough cleaning process to remove feathers, mosses, and impurities while preserve their natural look and nutrions.


  • The bird's nest base has the original white and shape with feathers.
  • Cleaning time is around 60-90 minutes and the yield loss is around 25% for non-professionals
  • The product has a mild fishy odor character.


INGREDIENTS: 100% pure bird's nest, no mixing or food binder


DIRECTIONS: Soak the raw bird's nest base in clean water for around 1-2 hours. Prepare a clean bowl, tweezers, a bowl of water to remove the feathers and clean the nest base. After the bird's nest base has expanded, you can drain the water and put on a white plate and prepare another bowl of water. pick up the feathers with tweezers. this work must replace many times until the feathers are completely removed. The clean nest base can be cooked immediately or stored in the freezer for 3 months or fridge for 1 week. Note, the frozen product must be naturally defrosted and steamed at a moderated temperature to preserve all the nutritional value. The bird's nest can be cooked with rock sugar, lotus seed, red apple, pandan leaf, ginger or add the sweet taste and eliminate the fishy smell.


STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store Bird nest in cool and dry places.

Deluxe Raw Bird's Nest

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