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Deluxe Refined Bird's Nest is selected from whole, beautiful Bird Nest and processed into refined long fibers that are shaped into Bird Nest.


  • Refining process is done by hand. Soften Bird nest by soaking into water and removing feathers. Eliminating impurities, dust, sterilizing and drying Bird nests with high tech freeze-drying technology.
  • Refined Bird Nest contain no chemicals, spices or any preservatives to ensure the tablets preserve nutritional value along with natural flavor.
  • Fresh Bird nest has high aesthetic value, evenly thickness and high rising raito.
  • Suitable for gifting customers who favor chewy, crispy Bird Nest fiber

INGREDIENTS: 100% non-mix fresh Bird nest with no food-safe adhesive


DIRECTIONS: Clean Bird nest by soaking into water for 15-20 minutes and then dry before use. Pour 250-300ml of water and add 1 Bird nest into a bowl, add rock sugar, korean red apple, your liking. After steaming for 20-30 minutes, the bird nest can be enjoyed when it rises evenly and has fragrant aroma.


STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store Bird nest in cool, dry places.

Deluxe Refined Bird's Nest

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