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Round Tablet Bird's Nests are harvested from crumbled Bird nests when the fibers of the nests are no longer intact. They will then be processed into small round molds. Nutritional ingredients inside Bird nest tablets remain the same as refined Bird nest.


  • The process of refining Bird nest is done by hand: Soften Bird nest by soaking into water and removing feathers, Eliminating impurities, dust, sterilizing and drying Bird nests with high tech freeze-drying technology.
  • Bird nest tablets contain no chemicals, spices or any preservatives to ensure the tablets preserve nutritional value along with natural flavor.
  • Fresh Bird nests will then be placed into round molds, with certain aesthetic value and an average rising ratio that are suitable for focusing on improving the health of young and elderly people.


INGREDIENTS: 100% non-mix fresh Bird nest with no food-safe adhesive


DIRECTIONS: Soak into water for 15-20 minutes then clean and dry before use. Pour 250-300ml of water and add 4-6 pieces of bird's nest into a bowl, add rock sugar, korean red apple, your liking,


STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store Bird nest in cool, dry places.

Refined Round Bird's Nest

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