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Store Policies: Welcome

Warranty policy

1. When purchasing bird's nest products at Khang, we apply national 1 for 1 policy with the following conditions:

  • The product is still within warranty period (7 days after the date of purchase)

  • Have valid warranty card and valid receipt

2. Valid cases for warranty:

  • Bird's nest breaking percentage is more than 10%

  • Bird's nest is moldy

  • Bird's nest is discolored (standard color is Ivory white)

  • Defective, damaged products caused by manufacturer

3. Compensate 5 times worth of product value if it is found to be fake

4. All warranty claims requires image/video to prove the issue and purchase invoice or warranty card (if applicable). All issues related to notification and warranty is received and processed via email info@khangbirdsnest

Store Policies: About Us

Return policy

1. Conditions for Khang to support customers to returns:

Customers need to check conditions of products and may return/exchange right at delivery/receipt in the following cases:

  • Products do not match the ordered products or are different to the description on our website right at delivering time

  • Not enough quantity nor items in the set as in order.

  • Affected product conditions such as: Broken box, broken seal, unusable product quality (mold, broken bird’s nest,...) or being opened before delivering to customers.

2. Regulations on time to notify and and exchange/return products

  • Time for notification of return/exchange: within 24 hours of receiving date if the product's condition falls within cases, mentioned in the return and exchange conditions.

  • Time to send the returned products: Within 3 days of receiving date

  • Return location: Customers can bring products directly to our shops/office or by post.

In case customers have any comments/complaints related to product quality, please contact us through our fanpage or Khang’s bird nest customer care hotline.

3. In case of returning products, within 7 days of receiving returned products from customers, Khang’s bird's nest company is responsible for calling to cofnfirm and refund the paid amount to customer through bank accounts provided by customers.

4. KHANG Bird's Nest Pty. Ltd does not charge any fee for return or exchange products within the conditions and time specified in article 1 and 2 above.

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