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Bird's Nest

KHANG with its sole mission is to send excellent value to your families and loved ones on your behalf by bringing valuable nutrion through Nha Trang premium edible bird nest products


The complexity of "real and fake" bird's nest market in Vietnam has caused tremendous misunderstanding and hesitations for customers for choosing a trustworthy brand to purchase. Having been in the buyer position for many years, KHANG understands the needs and criteria and commits in bringing customers health and absolute peace of mind.


Our products

Why choose KHANG?

Quality Products

KHANG commits to provide authentic, pure, unbleached and unadulterated Bird's nests without the use of binding chemicals

Verified Origin

Raw bird's nests are harvested from licensed farmers and easy to trace origin

Food Safety

Closed manufacturing process is certified with food safety and hygiene standards

Customer First

Purchase policy, convenient payment, exchange 1:1 within 24 hours if the product are not in accordance with the order

Safety Certificate

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