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The complexity of "real and fake" bird's nest market in Vietnam has caused tremendous misunderstanding and hesitations for customers when choosing a trustworthy brand to purchase. Having been in the position of a buyer for many years, KHANG understands the needs and criteria when choosing bird's nest and commits ourselves in bringing customers health and absolute peace of mind.


With the advantage of origin from Nha Trang and 5 year of relentless learning and cultivating knowledge about this "Jewel of health" product, KHANG is proud to be the supplier of high-quality Bird nest product that made from delicious white chewy bird's nest consisted of the most nutritious nourishment chosen from professional and long-established bird's nest farms along with high tech farming method.


As our business philosophy is to focus on customers first, KHANG always strives to constantly improve, enhance products quality, services and brings the most outstanding shopping experience as an answer to our customers' trust for our company. KHANG looks forward to receiving the trust and love from our dear customers!



Having determined to become one of the leading bird's nest company in Vietnam, KHANG continually researche, develop more product lines from bird's nests, as well as up to date the most advanced technology for preparation and refinement with a goal to bring Vietnamese bird's nest products to the world.

KHANG is committed to bring the highest and most elite quality of bird's nest products to serve customers and families, with a desire to improve health, nourish the body and look after the beauty from the inside, especially after Covid-19 pandemic.

Putting customers as the main focus, KHANG's products are developed to meet the market's needs. Customers' experience is our top priority and KHANG always thrive to strengthen the brand in every aspects. Customers can purchase our products in any convenient channels.


Core Value

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