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As the name says, it is indeed the base of the bird's nest which help fix the whole nest to the cliff or wall. This part of the nest is usually a rather large and thick mass which has the same nutrional value with other parts. However, as the oldest part of the nest, it is quite crispy and chewy


  • The process of removing the bird's nest feathers is don by manual method: : soaking into water to soften the raw nests then removing feathers, eliminating impurities, dirt, sterilizing and drying them with cold-drying technology.
  • The refined bird's nest base does not form fibers and shape like other refined bird's nest. It has the oldest age, high nutritional content. It is quite crispy, expand a lot in water, and chwier than other parts of the nest.
  • The product does not contain any chemicals, flavourings or preservatives to preserve nutritional value and natural flavor.
  • Suitable for customers who would like to enjoy crispy bird's nest or prepare high-class stews and soups which require a long time of cooking.


INGREDIENTS: 100% pure bird's nest, no mixing or food binder.


DIRECTIONS: Clean Bird nest by soaking into water for 15-20 minutes and then dry before use. Pour 250-300ml of water and add 1 Bird nest (10 grams) into a bowl, add rock sugar, korean red apple,...(depending on your preference), s bird's nest team for 20-30 minutes until the nest is cooked evenly and have a nice aroma and ready to use


STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store Bird nest in cool and dry places.

Refined Bird's Nest Base

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