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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Bird’s nest is a compound of organic and natural nutrients with miraculous uses for better health, beauty and other useful benefits. It is also because of the benefits that Bird’s nest brings and the rising in customers’ need for health supplements, bird’s nest is now one of the top priorities.

However, due to the high demand, there are a tremendous amount of bird’s nests available in the market. So, what is the best possible method to recognize a quality bird’s nest? KHANG Bird’s nest will show you 5 tips on how to recognize the “prime” bird’s nest product so that you can choose the best products for you and your families.

1. Smell and shape

Bird nest products often have many forms such as: Raw bird's nest, refined bird’s nest, crumbled bird’s nest. A quality bird’s nest when observed closely will usually have an ivory white color, big, thick and deep shape. Moreover, a quality bird’s nest is also often soft, a little bit crunchy, fragile and inflexible due to being hygroscopic and may crumble when broken or squeezed.

2. Soaking Bird's Nest

Bird’s nest needed to be soaked in water 15-20 before using. Unqualified bird’s nest will melt when being soaked. “Prime” quality bird’s nests will retain fiber structure, clear color and have certain chewiness.

3. Bird's Nest distillation

Real bird’s nest when being distilled from 15-20 minutes will often swell, not melt and have certain chewiness depending on the age of the nest. Bird’s nest after distillation and eaten hot will have a slight fishy smell and no longer contains smell when stored cold.

To choose the best bird’s nest product that gets the value for the money, it is crucial to choose a reliable brand, address that has transparent product origin. Bird’s nest product also has high nutritional and economic value so products with unclear origin or sold with surprisingly low prices needed to be deeply considered before purchase and use.

With the advantage of origin from Nha Trang and after 5 year of relentless learning and cultivating knowledge about this "Jewel of health" product, KHANG is proud to be the supplier of high-class bird nest product that made from delicious white chewy bird’s nest consisted of the most nutritious nourishment chosen from professional and long-established Sanest house along with high tech bird's nest farming method.

Choose now for you and your family a “precious gift” from Nha Trang high quality Bird’s nest from Khang at:

HCM city showroom: 8 20th Street, Hiep Binh Chanh ward,Thu Duc City

Nha Trang showroom: 24 Ly Thanh Ton Street, Van Thanh ward, Nha Trang city.

Hotline: 089 888 9204 - 089 888 9304


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