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Nutritional values within Bird Nest

Protein is the main nutritional component in Bird Nest. Others are essential Axit Amin with 6 hormones including Testosterone and estradiol. Bird Nest also includes carbohydrates and a slight lipit amount.

“Magical” benefit of Bird Nest

Bird nests are considered “high class delicacies” that improve health with high nutritional value. However, in order to utilize the benefit of this nutritious delicacy so that the body can absorb maximum nutritional value is not something everybody knows. Here are the 5 “magical” benefits of Bird nest if used correctly

1. Accelerate recovery process for women after giving birth

Hair loss or problems related to skin such as darken, melasma…are very common for pregnant women and postpartum period. Bird Nest is considered as a “recovery pill” with all essential nutrients that help moms restore health and improve problems related to skin, reduce hair loss and sleep better.

Bird nest recovers health and improve skins problem, reduce hair loss and sleep better

2. Improve digestion problems

Bird nests have a certain amount of Cr that can help with digestion problems such as: Dyspepsia, digestive disorders. A bowl of Bird Nest can help people with mentioned problems eat better, assist digestion and support metabolism.

A bowl of Bird Nest can help people with mentioned problems eat better, assist digestion and support metabolism.

3. A better eyesight with Bird Nest

A study conducted by the Department of Anatomy of the National University of Malaysia has shown that Bird Nest can be a “shield” to protect eyes from injuries or diseases through an experiment on rabbits in 2011.

4. Boosting immune system

An experimental rat of a group of Chinese scientists has been exposed to radiation and the treatment was to feed the rat with Bird Nest. The result has shown that a certain protein has boosted the process of creating “B cells” - a white blood cell that shield us from diseases, improve recovery speed and boost immune system of patients and especially patients conducting chemotherapy due to cancer.

Bird Nest helps patients recover, boosts immune system and especially help patient conducting chemotherapy due to cancer

5. Boost libido (Sexual drive)

Testosterone and estradiol are the two hormones that are found in the saliva of Swiftlet. Testosterone is a male hormone produced with a significant amount that helps sex drive in men, muscle growth, enhance fat loss, develop cognitive function and prevent depression. On the other hand, estradiol is an estrogen that is widely used in menopausal treatment, prevent Osteoporosis and play a crucial role in helping patients overcome cancer.

Bird nest contains a certain amount of Testosterone help increase e libido (sex drive) in male

As indisputable as the benefits Bird Nest can bring, abusing Bird Nest can lead the body to have excess nutrients and be exerted by the body itself. When eating bird nest, it is very important to consume an appropriate amount so that the body can effectively absorb all necessary nutrients,

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